ARES is the Amateur Radio Emergency Service organized by the ARRL. ARES members are licensed amateur radio operators that volunteer their time and equipment to help when normal communications fail or become inadequate. Any amateur radio operator can participate in ARES and ARRL membership is not required. ARES is organized at the county level and each county with an active ARES organization has an appointed Emergency Coordinator. Contact information for our Emergency Coordinators can be found on this website. If you don't see a listing for your county, contact your District Emergency Coordinator. You can find your district on the District Info page and find the contact information on the Senior Leadership page.

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Form C: EC Annual Report

2016 EC Annual Report

This report form is for Emergency Coordinators

Based upon your current file of registration cards (FSD-98) for present Amateur Radio Emergency Service members within your jurisdiction, please compile the following information. Information from this form is used to indicate general trends in ARES activity. The more reports returned, the more accurate our analysis will be. Please take a few minutes to complete this report.

Tom Whiteside, N5TW, appointed as ASEC - Operations

Tom Whiteside, our out-going Section Emergency Coordinator has been appointed as the Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator - Operations.  He will be responsible for continuing to build our capabailities across the various Counties and Districts to respond to bigger events than one county.  This will include leading the Rapid Response Teams.  Thanks to Tom for taking on this effort.

Frank Aguilar N5SSH appointed as EC for La Salle county

District 13 DEC Frank Aguilar N5SSH is taking on the additional responsibility of being EC for La Salle county effective immediately.  Frank is getting the ball rolling for us in this new county.