Mr. Thomas Andrew Downing, WB5TAD has accepted the position of Emergency Coordinator (EC) for the Harris County Southeast Unit in District 14 of the South Texas Section. Andrew is recommended by the current long-time EC Mr. George Fletcher, AD5CQ.

An audiologist with the Houston Methodist hospital system he has been a part of the ham radio arena for about six years. He is active in several public service events in and around Houston. Additionally, Andrew is currently a member of the Pasadena EmComm group. He is working closely with George to have a smooth transition. George has served as EC for Harris County for 10 years.

District 14 is composed of Harris County. Mr. David Underwood, WB5HJV, is the District 14 Emergency Coordinator (DEC) and approves this appointment.

This appointment is effective on August 9, 2019.