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The Texas VHF-FM Society is our repeater coordinating and specrum management body for Texas. This means they have the most up to day listing of repeaters in Texas as any new repeater should have been coordninated before it was put on the air. Any changes to a repeater that changes is coverage area or PL tone should be coordinate before and reported after the work is done. Plus all repeater owners/trustees are requested to updated their repeater status at least once a year. 

Here is a link to the TXVHFFM.org site.

Here is a link to their Repeater Search.

Use the Repeater Search

  • To see what other repeaters share the same Output Frequency.
  • Search by City.
  • Search by County.
  • Search by Call Sign.
  • The "Notes Legend" should list any PL tone requrements plus other info about the repeater.


ares logoThe monthly SEC reports are attached.  This is a compilation of data from the ECs, DECs and ASECs that support local ARES organization.  We depend upon these individuals to submit a timely monthly report through the ARRLSTX.ORG web site.  This information is then sent to the League as our formal report via the SEC Report Card formerly called the FSD-96. Now it is called ARES Form 4. ECs, DECs and ASEC's are requested that all reports be submitted to the STX Info Depot no later than 9 am the 12th of each month. Our Info Depot administrator has developed a fine orginizational tool to compile the data from the section.


Jeffery A Walter KE5FGA


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Winlink LogoSouth Texas 7 Winlink RMS Trimode stations to carry the mail during emergencies such as after a hurricane. Having close in stations allows for lower frequency NVIS operation which helps minimize the impact to other HF amateur users. Of course, sometimes conditions dictate using a more distant station. A list of the RMS Trimode frequencies is is available on the www.winlink.org site. Use service tags "PUBLIC EMCOMM" to see the complete list.

Always listen before connecting to prevent interference.

The South Texas RMS Trimode stations are:

  • K5AEA Georgetown PACTOR/WINMOR
  • N5MDT Montgomery PACTOR/WINMOR
  • N5SSH Laredo PACTOR (Temporarily offline)
  • N5TW* Georgetown PACTOR/WINMOR
* These stations are running in "Hybrid mode" intended to route traffic in a total Internet outage.  All users able to pick up mail at one of these stations is encouraged to list that station as their "Message Pickup Station" or MPS.  During a total outage, all traffic for users with MPS designations will be routed to that station or stations listed as MPS for them.   Please don't list more than one MPS unless you have a good reason as each MPS added means ALL your email must be forwarded over precious HF bandwidth to each MPS.

RMS Trimode MAP

Emergency Communications




Emergency Communications