Honda EU2200i generatorRecalled Due to Potential Fire Hazard

American Honda has announced that it’s voluntarily recalling some 200,000 of its portable generators sold in the US due to a potential fire and burn hazard. The recall includes the EU2200i, EU2200i Companion, and EB2200i generators. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says the affected portable generators can leak gasoline from the fuel valve. Users should stop operating the recalled generator and contact an authorized Honda dealer for a free repair. Honda is also contacting users directly. For more information, visit the CPSC website. A similar recall has been issued in Canada.

Red Cross LogoFrom our Red Cross Liaison, distribute as you see fit.ARES Logo

Usual jobs with Red Cross and ARES are assisting with Communications at Red Cross HQ, EOC Contact, Shelters, and Disaster Assessment.


Starting up:

  1. Get a briefing from the Red Cross Manager/COML
  2. Establish ARES and Red Cross Liaisons to manage traffic
  3. Agree on the fastest way to exchange messages – paper, thumb drive, keep messages short, etc.
  4. Find out where you should set up
  5. Inform the Liaison of your capabilities, voice, data, who you can contact
  6. Confirm with Red Cross Your Tactical Call Sign & Cell number
  7.  Make sure you are in contact with the correct county EOC
  8. Check in with Red Cross HQ
  9. Conduct all actions safely and protect confidential information
  10. Start your logs


Ongoing operations: What Red Cross will expect:

  1. Prompt delivery of messages to the intended recipient
  2. Prompt delivery of replies and acknowledgments to RC liaison
  3. You must keep a
    1. Unit Log ICS 214 (Personnel & Events) and
    2. Communication Log ICS 309 (messages with date and time)
  4. Make sure you have the equipment or resources to rapidly copy and deliver messages
  5. Notify RC Liaison of any communications outages or delays
  6. Confirm delivery of Digital Emergency communications by voice or acknowledgment


Shift Change:

  1. Notify Red Cross on any personnel changes
  2. Make sure logs are up to date
  3. Ask if there is any way to improve service during the coming shift.


End of Deployment:

  1. Get permission to secure
  2. Delivery all logs to RC liaison
  3. Clean up
  4. Return to ARES resource Net

A fact of the post 9/11 world is that you cannot work in an EOC or with the Red Cross unless you have a completed background check. So please have your credentials showing a completed criminal background check.

To Learn More: Red Cross ARRL MOU

Jeffery A Walter – KE5FGA


ARRL STX District 3Mr. Rene Lopez Jr, KF5KYL, has accepted the position of District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) for the South Texas Section. Rene is a retired firefighter of 35 years’ service for the City of Mission TX, obtaining the rank of Fire Chief. Rene was recommended by the outgoing DEC Mr. Edgar Warwas W5OE.

Rene is also a CERT instructor, which is a growing resource for newly licensed amateur radio operators. Edgar will remain active as a member of ARES and the Rio Grande Valley Amateur Radio Club (RGV ARC). District 3 is composed of Brooks, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg, Starr and Zapata counties.

This appointment is effective May 6, 2019.


Regards to all,


Jeffery A Walter – KE5FGA


Mr. Eric Schmidt, KA5WMY, has accepted the position of Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Brazoria County in District 1 of the South Texas Section. Eric was recommended by several of the local public service event and infrastructure leaders. Eric replaces Mr. Terry “Sarge” Bowersmith, W5SRG. Sarge was the EC for Brazoria for as long as I can remember. District 1 is composed of Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Liberty, Montgomery and Waller counties. This appointment is effective October 14, 2018.

Mr. Victor Gunnoe, AF5OS has accepted the position of STX District 13 Emergency Coordinator (DEC), Victor was recommended by former D13 Webb County EC and STX SEC Mr. Frank Aguilar N5SSH. Victor replaces Mr. John Letney AL5J who moved to the east side of Texas. District 13 is composed of Dimmit, Duval, Frio, LaSalle, Maverick, McMullen, Webb, and Zavala counties. This appointment is effective September 6, 2018.

Mr. Sid Tschirhart, WD5H has accepted the position of Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Medina County in District 6 of the South Texas Section. Sid was recommended by our longtime D6 District Emergency coordinator (DEC) Mr. Ernest Reich W5FQA. Sid replaces Mr. Walter Hock, KK5LO after many years of public service. Mr. Hock will remain very active in amateur radio. District 6 is composed of Bandera, Edwards, Kerr, Kinney, Medina, Real, Uvalde, Val Verde counties. This appointment is effective December 1, 2018.

Welcome Sid.   

ARES Connect Help Q & A (Word)

ARES Connect Help Q & A (Acrobat)


These articles will be updated from time to time as we learn the new system

12/27/2018 - 1 new question posted today

Jeff - KE5FGA

Mr. Michael Marks, KG5RXG has accepted the position of Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Travis County in District 7 of the South Texas Section. Michael is recommended by current EC Mr. Kerby Spruiell, KG5DLD. Kerby served as EC for Travis County for 2 years. District 7 is composed of Bastrop, Caldwell, Fayette, Hays, Lee, Milam, Travis and Williamson counties. Mr. Ken Malgren, K7MAL, is the District 7 Emergency Coordinator (DEC). This appointment is effective December 9, 2018.

STX Emergency Coordinators:

If you already have the form, no need to fill it out again. Please submit a completed Excel version of this form for your county to the STX Section Emergency Coordinator. 

ICS-217A Excel Form

ICS-217A Instructions Only


Mr. Ross Rogers, W3OQ has accepted the position of STX District 15 Emergency Coordinator (DEC), Ross has held this position in the past but took some time off to attend to business. Ross is recommended by our West Gulf Division Director Dr. David Woolweaver K5RAV. District 15 is composed of Cameron, Kenedy and Willacy counties. This appointment is effective October 2, 2018.

Welcome back Ross.