West Gulf Division Newsletter January 2019
A special message from your ARRL WGD Director
“Everything that the ARRL undertakes must be 100% for the general good.  That policy bred loyalty and confidence.  With those two things an organization can prosper forever.”
Hiram Percy Maxim, September 1927 QST.
I joined the ARRL Board in 2000 as Vice Director after Jim Haynie, W5JBP, was elected President and Coy Day, N5OK, moved up to Director.  That is nearly twenty years ago!  I never thought that I would spend nearly twenty years on the ARRL Board.
But.  After twenty years, it is time for me to move on.  At the end of the ARRL Board meeting, January 19, I will retire as Director and John Stratton, N5AUS, will move up to the Director position.  A candidate is now being vetted to serve as John's Vice Director and an announcement should be forth-coming in a few weeks.   Thank you for your support, your assistance, your friendship.  
I promise I won’t forget you if you don’t forget me.  We made history together and the future is ours to create.  Thanks to all!  
Good DX with no QRM
David, K5RAV

With the retirement on Jan 19, 2019 of ARRL West Gulf Division Director, Dr. David Woolweaver, K5RAV from the Board of Directors, John Stratton, N5AUS, WGD Vice Director moves up to the front row and takes the helm of the division as the ARRL West Gulf Division Director. Stratton will be filing a full report of activities from the Jan 19, 2019 ARRL Board of Directors meeting held at ARRL HQ in Newington, CT. Persons for potential appointment to the Vice Director position are currently being vetted.


John N5AUSThe Radio Club of America (RCA) has announced the appointment of ARRL West Gulf Division Vice Director John Robert Stratton, N5AUS, as Vice President and Co-Counsel. Stratton will coordinate duties with current Vice President and Counsel Chester "Barney" Scholl, Jr. A specialist in civil litigation, Stratton holds a bachelor of science in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas and is a graduate of the University of Texas Law School.



Mr. Eric Schmidt, KA5WMY, has accepted the position of Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Brazoria County in District 1 of the South Texas Section. Eric was recommended by several of the local public service event and infrastructure leaders. Eric replaces Mr. Terry “Sarge” Bowersmith, W5SRG. Sarge was the EC for Brazoria for as long as I can remember. District 1 is composed of Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Liberty, Montgomery and Waller counties. This appointment is effective October 14, 2018.

Mr. Victor Gunnoe, AF5OS has accepted the position of STX District 13 Emergency Coordinator (DEC), Victor was recommended by former D13 Webb County EC and STX SEC Mr. Frank Aguilar N5SSH. Victor replaces Mr. John Letney AL5J who moved to the east side of Texas. District 13 is composed of Dimmit, Duval, Frio, LaSalle, Maverick, McMullen, Webb, and Zavala counties. This appointment is effective September 6, 2018.

Mr. Sid Tschirhart, WD5H has accepted the position of Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Medina County in District 6 of the South Texas Section. Sid was recommended by our longtime D6 District Emergency coordinator (DEC) Mr. Ernest Reich W5FQA. Sid replaces Mr. Walter Hock, KK5LO after many years of public service. Mr. Hock will remain very active in amateur radio. District 6 is composed of Bandera, Edwards, Kerr, Kinney, Medina, Real, Uvalde, Val Verde counties. This appointment is effective December 1, 2018.

Welcome Sid.   

Mr. Ross Rogers, W3OQ has accepted the position of STX District 15 Emergency Coordinator (DEC), Ross has held this position in the past but took some time off to attend to business. Ross is recommended by our West Gulf Division Director Dr. David Woolweaver K5RAV. District 15 is composed of Cameron, Kenedy and Willacy counties. This appointment is effective October 2, 2018.

Welcome back Ross.   

Mr. Michael Marks, KG5RXG has accepted the position of Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Travis County in District 7 of the South Texas Section. Michael is recommended by current EC Mr. Kerby Spruiell, KG5DLD. Kerby served as EC for Travis County for 2 years. District 7 is composed of Bastrop, Caldwell, Fayette, Hays, Lee, Milam, Travis and Williamson counties. Mr. Ken Malgren, K7MAL, is the District 7 Emergency Coordinator (DEC). This appointment is effective December 9, 2018.

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Jeff - KE5FGA

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