When all else fails logoHello ASEC’s, DEC’s, EC’s and other interested parties,

Mr. Timothy J Lewellen, WX5GC, has accepted the position of Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Hardin County in District 9 of the South Texas Section. District 9 is composed of Jasper, Jefferson, Hardin, Newton, Orange, Sabine, San Augustine and Tyler counties. Tim replaces Steve Fletcher, N5BOY, who served for 4 years and is still active in radio. This appointment was recommended by the District 9 Emergency Coordinator (DEC) Mr. Brian Cater, KC5YSM and approved by the Section Manager Mr. Stuart Wolfe KF5NIX.

Mr. Lewellen is married and a graduate of San Jacinto College with 40 years in industrial process instrumentation, transitioning from pneumatic to electronic controls, and automated control systems.

Tim’s interest in electrical circuitry was sparked in 1974 with a crystal radio kit from where else, Radio Shack. Moving on to CB in the late 70’s into the 80’s. Tim remarks “My interest in radio waned probably due to use of it all day on the job”. “In the late 90’s it resurfaced due to Y2K influences, and I took my technicians license test and was licensed on 11/17/1998.” “Later taking my General and Extra exams and becoming interested in Emergency Communications and then hurricane communication issues.” “I operated at the Houston / Galveston weather office, at the site before where they are located now.” “During Tropical Storm Allison, I relayed flood water depths from hams in the field to the hydrology desk, since all of their gauges were not reporting.” “I have been involved in EmComm issues ever since.”

Tim is presently active on the Texas Traffic Net, the 7290 Net daily and South Texas ARES Net on HF. Additionally, with the JCARC net and the Jefferson County ARES net on Wednesday night. “I am the ARES WinLink net control station, generating an ICS 309 report after the net and sending it to the Jefferson County EC and AEC.”

“I am looking forward to heading an active ARES group with a willingness to serve the agencies that may require our assistance.” “I am writing this to you while taking flooding and damage reports for NWS LCH or EM in Hardin County.”

This appointment was effective May 21, 2024.

Welcome Tim.

Regards to all,

Jeffery A Walter – KE5FGA